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The Body Shop: Roots Of Strength

The Body Shop: Roots of Strength

I gave this sneaky peek of the new Roots of Strength range for older skin last year, but wanted to delve a bit deeper now that it’s actually in stores – Read more about The Body Shop Roots of Strength skincare here.

It’s well known fact that at a certain point, skin starts to lose elasticity and doesn’t stay as firm. How much that happens and when varies from person to person, and it’s completely normal and I guess it depends upon your approach to ageing whether it’s something that bothers you or not. I’ll say ahead that I haven’t tried this other than on my hands – it’s so new and doesn’t launch til January (and actually, I’m properly trialling another skin range) but this is the way that the approach to ‘anti-ageing’ is heading. No age definition on the packaging and no allusion to looking young – it’s all about addressing older women’s needs without belittling. More of a, ‘here’s what your skin needs’ approach rather than a ‘here’s how you should look’ approach. I like it.

I have top line information only at this stage, but I can at least tell you what the key players are in this range, which is based on Chinese medicine – and by the way, I LOVE the red packaging; it’s so unapologetic and vibrant. Firstly, Ginger Root Extracts – apparently a plumper. It’s sustainably sourced from Madagascar. Next, Ginseng Root Ectract from North East China and a skin firmer.  Finally, Ruscus Root Extract from Europe which is anti-inflammatory and skin stimulating (I need to check more on this – I don’t know what stimulating in this context means).

It’s funny how The Body Shop has veered from Drops of Youth to this – Roots of Strength. It’s a good direction of course being more respectful and less judgmental – and I cannot criticize their skin care which is excellent, with soft textures and interesting ingredients that really can give some exciting results. So everything is pointing in the right direction! Prices are around the £28 mark for the day cream.

Article from British Beauty Blogger HERE
All pictures are from British Beauty Blogger

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